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Cisser Mæhl is a danish composer and music producer, currently living in Oslo, Norway. The 3rd of March 2023 she released her debut album Innemuseum at the Berlin-based label, Sonic Pieces. She works with music production in interdisciplinary collaborations and composes music for films, games, performance arts and litterature. She has a master’s degree in film composition from the National Academy of Music (SDMK) in Denmark.





2022 – 2022 – Master’s degree, film composition, National Academy of Music (SDMK), Denmark

2017 – 2020 – Bachelor’s degree, composition and songwriting, Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 – 2017 – Bachelor’s degree, fine art, the Jutland Art Academy, Århus, Denmark

Ongoing and upcomming projects

2024 – Composer, solo cassette release, September 2024, Breton Cassette, Oslo, Norway

2024 – Composer, theatre play, Brannen, director Odette Bereska, produced by Play On and Teatret Vårt, exhibited in the autumn of 2024 at Teatret Vårt, Ålesund og Molde, Norway

2024 – Composer, animation game; Mind Diver, director Victor Breum, Indoor Sunglasses, to be published in the fall of 2024

2024 – Composer, songwriter, title track for animation game; Selfloss, by director Alex Goodwin, Goodwin Games

2024 – Composer, short film, Regnbuepik, director Marie Limkilde

2024 – Collaboration, concerts and album-in-the-making with danish writer Ida Marie Hede, Lyden af Suget

2024 – Composer, graduation film, director Hugo Francker, The Norwegian Film School, Norway

2024 Composer, album release, a New Story, release date unknown, Upright Music, Denmark

2023 – Composer, represented by music agency OhrFilm, Mattihas Tode, Hamburg, Germany


2023 – Composer and illustrator, graduation film, Vildkvinde, by director Pauline Merrildgaard, produced by The National Film School of Denmark – nominated for the Robert Prize in the category: Best Short Film: Documentary

2023 Composer, songwriter, musician, solo debut album Innemuseum,mixed by Lasse Marhaug, mastered by German Stephan Mathieu, graphics by Erik K Skodvin, released on Sonic Pieces, 3rd of March 2023, Berlin, Germany

2023 – Performer, music video Menneskeaftryk, by Danish director Pauline Merrildgaard

2023 – Composer, illustrator, sound journey on train from Oslo S to Movatn station, Gebrokken – Endemisk Norsk, in collaboration with composer Jenny Berger Myhre, Mexican director Arturo Tovar, exhibited at Ultima Festival, September 2023, Oslo, Norway

2023 – Composer, short film, Død af Grin, director Terji Mohr, produced by Super16, published September 2023

2023 – Composer, short film, Armageddon, director Michael Kunov, produced by Super16, published September 2023

2023 – Composer, musician, theatre play, Parprosjektet, director Eirik Fauske, exhibited the 9th and 10th of September 2023 at Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler, Dale, Norway

2023 – Composer, graduation film, FRI, by director Las Dyrchrone, produced by The National Film school of Denmark

2023 Composer, track release; Omsonst,in collaboration with composer Jenny Berger Myhre, part of compilation MEUF vol 1., curated by Maria Dybbroe, Barefoot Records, Denmark

2022 – Composer, soundwalk; Gebrokken – Vi høyrer saman in collaboration with artist Jenny Berger Myhre, directed by Arturo Tovar, exhibited at MUNCH in Oslo the 28th of April at Only Connect, arranged by nyMusikk, Oslo

2022 – Musician, album, Here is always somewhere else, Jenny Berger Myhre, Breton Cassette, Oslo

2022 – Composer, short film; Sneglehuset, director Sif Lina Lambæk, Super16, Denmark

2021 – Composer and musician, Lyden af Suget, commissioned work with danish writer Ida Marie Hede, Lyd og Litteraturfestival, Århus

2021 – Composer, commissioned work, Offermosen, app Vandringen by artist Clarissa Connelly

2021 – Composer, documentary, short film, Skytsengel, director Pauline Merrildgaard, The National Film School of Denmark

2021 – Composer, film trailer for theatre play, Antigone, director Astrid Lindhard, The Danish National School of Performing Arts

2021 – Musician, Jenny Berger Myhres, sound piece, Chidoribashi, Exhibited at Spikersuppa Lydgalleri, Oslo

2021 – Cover illustrator, Jenny Colgan bogserier; “Det lille Bageri” and “Rosie Hopkins”, Forlaget Cicero, Gyldendal

2021 – Musician, documentary short film, Hiraeth, director Pauline Merrildgaard, exhibited at Hvidegaard Festival and Pakhuset Galleriet, Nykøbing Sj.

2019 – Composer, in collaboration with sound artist Alex Mørch, film Ingen Skal Sove, Swulli Film  

2019 – Cover art, vinyl Rituals, by Jakob Ridderberg, Bad Posture

2016 – Musician, Mads Mouritz Trio

2011-15 – Musician, Workers in Songs

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