Innemuseum is the debut album by Danish composer Cisser Mæhl

Mix by Lasse Marhaug, master by Stephan Mathieu, released on Sonic Pieces, Berlin, 2023

This is undeniably a very personal record that sounds like the musical embodiment of Cisser herself. She sings in Danish in a close-miked way like she´s sitting right next to you, all while gentle rhythms and soft strings together create a sort of bright, minimal chamber music with hints of pop sensibility. It almost feels like a Scandinavian reflection of Colleen´s work in her more quiet, vocal periods. A music box of weightless compositions for the conscious mind.

“Cisser Mæhl’s debut solo album is a slow-motion set of hushed Danish lullabies that’s well worth filing alongside Björk’s “Vespertine” and Colleen’s “The Weighing of the Heart”. – BOOMKAT

“It’s music for quiet thinkers and daydreamers. For those inclined to explore their own consciousness via the star gate opened by hers”.NORDIC MUSIC CENTRAL

The structures and arrangements are similarly intuitive, as Mæhl’s songs feel far more like miniatures or poems than structured songs”.BRAINWASHED

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