Innemuseum is the debut album by Danish composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Cisser Mæhl.

This is undeniably a very personal record that sounds like the musical embodiment of Cisser herself. She sings in Danish in a close-miked way like she´s sitting right next to you, all while gentle rhythms and soft strings together create a sort of bright, minimal chamber music with hints of pop sensibility. It almost feels like a Scandinavian reflection of Colleen´s work in her more quiet, vocal periods. A music box of weightless compositions for the conscious mind.

Mix by Lasse Marhaug, master by Stephan Mathieu, released on Sonic Pieces.

“Cisser Mæhl’s debut solo album is a slow-motion set of hushed Danish lullabies that’s well worth filing alongside Björk’s “Vespertine” and Colleen’s “The Weighing of the Heart”. – BOOMKAT

“It’s music for quiet thinkers and daydreamers. For those inclined to explore their own consciousness via the star gate opened by hers”. – NORDIC MUSIC CENTRAL

The structures and arrangements are similarly intuitive, as Mæhl’s songs feel far more like miniatures or poems than structured songs”.BRAINWASHED

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